About Us

History and Heritage

At Suttons and Robertsons, we’ve been proudly delivering a professional, client-focused service since 1770. Not only does this make us one of the nation’s oldest pawnbrokers, but our experience, discretion and client base serves to make us also one of the most prestigious.


With centuries of experience behind us, we’ve built a reputation for providing high-quality valuations that are based on both our team’s vast collective knowledge and up-to-the-moment market intelligence. We constantly scan the markets auction reports during our process so that you can count on a robust, honest and transparent  valuation of your luxury assets. With a long history of loans and valuations, we also appreciate the need for privacy confidentiality.

Qualified Experts

With such a long history, we’ve been fortunate to handle some of Europe’s most sophisticated fine jewellery, watches and luxury assets. It is a great pleasure for our JET-trained colleagues, who all hold the Professional Jewellers’ Diploma, to work with the superb craftsmanship of well-respected houses, such as Boodles, Graff and Patek Philippe. Using their skills and knowledge to assess and authenticate stunning jewellery, our team has welcomed many different pieces, from rare pink, yellow and blue diamonds to Victorian pocket watches and modern Breguet timepieces. We also work with fine wines, whiskies, fine art, classic cars and luxury handbags. We’ve supported our clients with over £200m in pawnbroker loans since 2010.


With such a strong emphasis on our long heritage, it’s also vital that we explore our future. Acquired by Hopkins & Jones in late 2019 and retaining the Suttons and Robertsons name, our brand has emerged more robust and dynamic than ever. Fully committed to maintaining the highest standards of service and being reliably present when our clients need us, we are on hand for same-day pawnbroking valuations and a full retail range of jewellery and watches.  Welcoming clients both in-person to our London stores and online, Suttons and Robertsons is underpinned by an ethos of trust, security and industry knowledge.