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We are a high-end pawnbroker specialising in offering instant loans against Watches, Jewellery, Diamonds, Gold, Fine Art, Antiques, Classic Luxury Cars, Handbags, Rare Books, Sports Memorabilia and other luxury items.

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Receive money in as little as an hour.



Trusted pawnbroker and jeweller for over 250 years.



Accurate valuations and competitive loan rates.



Discreet service with no credit checks.



Receive money in as little as an hour.



Trusted pawnbroker and jeweller for over 250 years.



Accurate valuations and competitive loan rates.



Discreet service with no credit checks.

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Pawn Shop Loan

Looking for ‘pawn shop loans’ or seeking out a pawnbroker in London that you can trust? Suttons and Robertsons, luxury London pawnbrokers since 1770, has four pawn shops across the capital, which means that you’ll always be within easy reach of one of our shops. Visit one of our London pawn shops today or book an appointment with our valuation specialists. They will be delighted to greet you on arrival.

A pawnbroking transaction is a very simple and straightforward agreement that can be traced back to both Ancient Rome and Greece. Pawnbroking is a smart way to access short-term finance. You simply lodge your item of value with the pawnbroker. This is taken as security against the loan that the pawnbroker then advances to you. Your item(s) are then kept safe for a maximum of six months and are then redeemed by you when you repay your original loan amount together with the agreed interest payment. This is clearly shown in the agreement. Although the contractual term of a pawn agreement is a maximum of six months, you are under no obligation to keep the loan for the full six months. You can redeem your item at any point during your loan period, from the day after the loan starts to the due date of settlement.


What is a pawn pledge?

It’s an item of value that’s used as security against a loan.

What is pawnbroking?

Pawnbroking is simply a form of credit offering a safe and efficient way of releasing capital from your luxury valuables. These can include anything from jewellery, watches and gold to silverware, fine artwork and antiques.

How can I get my luxury assets to you?

There are several ways we can proceed with a valuation:

  • In-store – Bring your items(s) into one of our London pawn shops today.
  • Courier Collection – Have your item(s) collected receive your money within 24 – 48 hours from the comfort of your home.
  • Staff Collection – Have your high value item(s) collected by one of our staff members at a convenient time and place for you.
  • Home Visit – For high value loans, our specialists can come to you to value your item(s).
How do I redeem my pledge?

The asset is held for the duration of the pledge agreement. You need to bring the pledge agreement to repay the money owed, including any accrued interest, to the branch where you made the pledge. We’ll then return the pledged asset to you.

How much time do I have to redeem a pledge?

Within our standard six month pledge agreement, you can redeem your pledge at any time, provided you repay all outstanding money, including the accrued interest. If you do not redeem your item before the expiry of the term, your item(s) may be sold. However, you are able to redeem your item(s) at any time prior to the sale of your item(s).

How quickly can I get a pawnbroking loan?

Pawnbroking is a fast, efficient service with many personal asset loans usually being agreed within an hour. Certain items such as classic cars, artwork and antiques may require an additional expert valuation, this typically takes two to three days. You risk losing your item if you fail to repay by your due date. Your item will be sold to cover the cost of the loan, you will not be liable to repay any shortfall.

What is the meaning of luxury pawn shop?

At Suttons and Robertsons, we are a world away from this old-fashioned, pre-conceived notion of a pawnshop. Although we are here to help people who may need some financial support with liquidity – for school fees or to invest in a new business, we tend to work in much bigger loan amounts and only deal with luxury items, such as Rolexes, high-end luxury jewellery, classic cars, fine wine collections – one of today’s most rewarding items to pawn – designer handbags.

Having undergone a total transformation, the pawn industry is now home to the ‘Luxury Pawn Shop’. With a greater number of pawn loans being made against luxury items than ever before, people are much more likely to trust a reputable luxury pawnbroker, like Suttons and Robertsons, with their valued luxury assets.

Can I pay back my pawn loan early?

If you have taken out a pawn shop loan, it is likely that you will have set a loan period of 6 months. If you would like to repay your pawn loan early, you will have the option to settle your loan before your six month loan period has ended. It will mean that you will not need to pay as much interest as scheduled as your pawn shop loan period will end early. Pawnbroking can be a flexible option for many people, with early repayment on your pawn shop loan a great option.

Can you extend a pawn loan?

Typically, your loan agreement period will be set for a period of six months. Full payment in return for your asset is expected by the end of the loan period. However, if you find that you are unable to pay your pawn shop loan back within the agreed repayment period, please contact us. We review all repayment issues on a case by case basis and may be able to agree on a renewal plan.

What happens to my item(s) during a pawn loan?

Most of our pawn shop loan items are small in size, such as Rolex watches or Cartier jewellery. Once you have handed your loan asset over to us and payment is on its way to your bank account, we will securely lock your item in our safe. If you are pawning larger items that require specific storage conditions, such as fine art or fine wine, we will ensure that the correct type and condition of storage is put in place.

Do pawn shops ask for ID?

Yes, in the UK when taking out a pawn shop loan, you must prove two things: your identity and proof that you live at the address you supply. A document, such as a valid passport or driving licence, can be used a proof of identity. In order to provide proof of your address, you must provide a document, such as a utility bill, a bank or building society statement or a tenancy agreement, which is dated within the last three months.

Is my pawnbroking transaction with you private?

You can rely on our discretion. Confidentiality, integrity and trust are all extremely important factors to us.

Is Pawnbroking regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority?

Yes. As a pawnbroker, our business is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We are therefore required to comply with the applicable rules and guidance issued by the FCA, Consumer Credit Act 1974 and all supporting Consumer Credit Regulations.

What is million pound pawn?

The value of loans has risen and dramatically matches the growth of luxury pawnbrokers. High net worth individuals are often smart and financially savvy people who have come to realise the value of leveraging their assets in the short term while their capital stays tied up in property or the bank.

With increased interest in luxury asset lending, high-end pawnbrokers are now a part of popular culture with television series’ that meet both the pawnbrokers and their clients close up. ITV’s ‘Million Pound Pawn’, which was aired in February and March 2021, took viewers behind the scenes at Suttons and Robertsons to offer an insight into how a high-end pawnbroker works. The programme highlighted the lengths that high-end pawnbrokers go to get highly accurate valuations so that clients can decide how they would like to move forward.

This three-part ITV series is also available on the ITV Hub and shares the stories of both high-net-worth individuals and ordinary people with extraordinary assets who turn to a high-end highly knowledgeable expert pawnbroker for reliable, insightful valuations on their luxury assets.

As well as meeting many different types of people, Million Pound Pawn also explored those people who want to sell to a high-end pawnbroker, rather than simply take an asset-secured loan.

Is a luxury pawn shop suitable for me?

At Suttons and Robertsons, our team is incredibly respectful to everyone who comes to us for a valuation, whether it’s the first time we meet them or someone we’ve loaned to for years. We are deeply appreciative of the trust that people are putting in us the figures assets that we are dealing with. While we may offer loans of wedding rings – as in the old-style pawnbrokers – it is more likely that we’d be offering valuations on Tiffany solitaire engagement rings, necklaces from Boodles, bracelets from Cartier watches from Omega and Rolexes. We also welcome valuation requests on fine wine and rare whisky collections, yachts classic cars as well as works of art sculpture.

What happens if I lose my pawn receipt?

When you take out a pawn shop loan, you will be given a pawn receipt in return for your asset. This will either be digital by email or printed in-store. If you lose or misplace the receipt, you will still be able to redeem your assets, please contact us to discuss lost receipts.

Our Pawn Shop Interest Rates

Loan AmountMonthly Interest RateAPR % (Annual Percentage Rate)
£0 – £4999.996.5%93.21%
£5,000 – £14,999.996.0%84.96%
£15,000 – £49,999.995.0%69.00%

The Pawnbroking Loan Process



When we lend against your assets, whether it be a Rolex watch or a Tiffany single stone diamond set ring. We follow one of these paths;

  • Submit an online enquiry form, including all the information that you have and we will respond to you by phone or email
  • Visit us in one of our London stores
  • Call us on 08000 389 839

We will then provide you with an accurate valuation based on the information that you provide.



If the estimated loan value is accepted, the next stage is to bring or send in your items so they can be assessed in person. Most pieces of jewellery or watches can be valued while you wait or within 1 hour of receiving your item(s). For items such as fine art, antiques and luxury and classic cars, the process may take up to 72 hours.



If you are a new customer, we will have to set you up with an account once you have accepted the loan offer. We require two forms of identification for this:

  • Photo ID such as a passport or drivers licence
  • Proof of address such as bank statement or utility bill less than 3 months old

This is a statutory part of the process and will be completed in approximately 10 minutes.



Our loan contracts are for six months. The agreements are regulated by the Consumer Credit Act and we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The goods held under a contract can be redeemed at any time within the term of the contract, with only the interest which had been accrued to the time of redemption payable.



We release funds the same day via bank transfer.

In order to protect both the pawnbroker and the client, the loan is supported by a pre-contract information sheet. This information sheet clearly sets out the terms and conditions of the loan so that you can take time to make sure you understand the process and are happy to proceed with the loan. Don’t worry if you have second thoughts in the first 14 days of the loan. A cooling-off period allows you to withdraw from your contract.



When your contract comes to an end, you settle your loan with us you and then redeem your item. Don’t forget, you can do this at any time during the six-month loan period. If you reach the end of your contract and you are not in a position to settle your account and redeem your secured item, we will then take care of your account by using your secured item to recover the loan. There will be an opportunity to extend the loan period at the end of the initial six-month period. Simply settle the outstanding interest accrued on your account the loan can be extended.

At Suttons and Robertsons, our integrity is core to our business. We take our industry seriously that’s why we are proud to be a member of the National Pawnbrokers’ Association and adhere to their code of conduct.

Our Pawnbroking Loan Rates


All our loans are for 6 months and are secured against your valuables. Maximum APR (including all fees): 93.21%. Minimum and maximum repayment term of 6 months. These loans are redeemable at any point during the loan period. Only the loan amount and accrued monthly interest are payable if the loan is redeemed before the end of the loan term.


Loan amount of £1,000. Loan term of 6 months. Interest rate of 6.5% per month (fixed). Total interest of £390 over 6 months. Total repayable amount in one instalment is £1,390. Representative APR is 93.21% (including all fees).

Risk Warning: If the loan is not repaid, the assets may be sold.


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