What To Do If Your Rolex Watch Is Stolen

Mar 11, 2024 | Rolex, Watches

Having indulged in such a revered luxury watch, the risk of a Rolex theft can unfortunately become a reality, particularly with watch crime in London and the UK reported to have doubled since 2015. Although not something which you should allow to spoil the pleasure of wearing your new timepiece, you can certainly help to mitigate the risk by taking measures to protect yourself, and know how to react in the event of a stolen Rolex.


Rolex theft in the UK

Although Rolex watch theft in the UK has risen in recent years there has also been considerable effort by the police authorities to address this criminality. It has been widely reported in the media in 2024 that covert Metropolitan Police Operations have resulted in numerous arrests. More than 50% of UK luxury watch thefts occur in London, notoriously in affluent areas such as Chelsea, Kensington and Fulham, and in Soho or the West End. Stolen Rolex victims are often targeted outside social venues where personal guard may be reduced after an evening out. In undercover operations, police officers have lured watch thieves by posing with luxury wristwear, with colleagues on hand to seize and arrest attackers. The successful arrest and conviction rate will hopefully continue with future police campaigns.

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Mitigate Stolen Rolex risk

The emotional impact of any theft at home or in person cannot be underestimated so all practical measures are worthwhile to at least help mitigate the financial loss associated with the theft of your Rolex watch.

Insure your Rolex watch(es)

Whether bought as a new or second-hand Rolex watch, its high value will usually require it to be added as a named valuable the Rolex owners home insurance policy. Be sure to add it at your earliest possible convenience to ensure that you are covered in the unfortunate event of Rolex theft. When travelling it is also important to ensure that your travel policy covers valuables of significant worth.

It is important to recognise that the Rolex warranty does not cover loss or theft.

Document Watch Details

When you buy a new Rolex you will receive accompanying Rolex documents including a warranty card. As well as keeping the originals safe, it is good practice to take photos or create copies online as a second point of reference in case the originals are misappropriated. Find Rolex serial number detailed in the warranty card and engraved on the flange of your watch and separately record the serial number due to the high cases of London Rolex robbery. This online record will remain easily accessible wherever you are should you need to report the theft of your watch.

In the case of a second-hand Rolex, you may not have the original documentation, in which case retain your proof of purchase and any guarantee of authenticity provided by most respected used luxury watch traders, including S&R Jewellers, our own retailer. Copy these items and document the watch serial number for your online records. All this information will prove invaluable in i) confirming the value of your stolen Rolex should you need to make an insurance claim and/or ii) help to recover the watch.

It is also useful to take pictures of the watch itself. In a stressful situation, such as a theft, details which could help identify it may easily be forgotten.

Safe Watch Storage

How often do you plan to wear your Rolex watch? If you envisage wearing it frequently then keeping it at home is the only practical location although use of a safe is always advisable for any period it is to remain unworn. If you do have a safe, use it for your Rolex documentation too.

If your Rolex is purely an investment purchase or will only be worn very occasionally then it is worth considering Safe Deposit Storage to offer peace of mind.

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Reporting A Stolen Rolex Watch

As with any theft, reporting it to official channels as soon as possible is essential.  Firstly file a police report sharing all the details that you have previously recorded, ensuring that you receive a formal incident reference. Notifying your insurance company is another high priority. 

There are a number of further optional steps you may choose to take to assist with the recovery of your stolen Rolex:

Stolen Watch Register 

There are a number of independent bodies maintaining global databases of stolen watches. As many stolen Rolex end up in black markets in places such as Hong Kong and United Arab Emirates, these global registers provide an invaluable source of information.

The benefit of reporting your stolen Rolex to these organisations is that they are continually checked by pre-owned Rolex watch buyers and so illegitimate sales are identified and stolen watches recovered. Arguably the best option in the UK is The Watch Register, established in 2014 and now the largest international database. As well as a point of reference for watch dealers, jewellers, pawnbrokers and auction houses, the Watch Register service extends to active searches for your watch in the global pre-owned watch market, increasing the likelihood of recovering your stolen Rolex

Stolen Rolex Register

If you bought your watch as new, contact your official Rolex dealership who will be able to register your stolen Rolex directly with Rolex in Geneva. Whilst there is no Rolex serial number registry there is a stolen Rolex register which official Rolex stockists reference, for example when someone wishes to part exchange a watch for another model. By reporting your Rolex theft in this way it provides another check for false exchange of a watch. You may also contact Rolex directly by emailing report.stolen@rolex.co.uk.

Rolex Pawnbrokers

And finally, should you wish to be especially pro-active you can contact local pawnbrokers to put them on alert to your watch potentially being offered for pawn or sale. Over the years Suttons and Robertsons have identified many lost or stolen watches and jewellery items which have ultimately been returned to their rightful owners.

We do hope however that our first contact will not be regarding the upsetting news that your Rolex has been stolen. As highly trusted Pawnbrokers we are also here to help if you own a Rolex and want to get a fast cash loan, or if you are looking to sell your Rolex, we will be happy to offer a valuation. Call us on 0800 182 2327.

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