The Auction That’s as Intriguing as Its Name…

Mar 10, 2020 | Watches

Suttons and Robertsons, pawnbrokers in London, knows that Rolex the value that they’re worth go hand in hand. A Rolex auction in Switzerland featuring some of the rarest watches on the planet does add a frisson to proceedings. Give it a stand-out name – the Daytona Ultimatum – interest goes sky-high. As it seems, did the figures that the watches attracted.

With Rolex watches for sale at their central London pawnshop jewellers, Suttons and Robertsons take an interest in the biggest watch auctions so that they can finely tune their Rolex pawnbroker loans

Organised by the auction house, Phillips, the event brought together some of the most obscure Rolex Daytonas – when it comes to the legends behind watches – the more interesting the story, the bigger the final price. 

Bidders from all over the world bid against each other to secure these rare pieces for their collections, the prices just kept climbing. 

Every little girl’s dream, the fantastically named Rolex Daytona Unicorn, went for almost CF6 million, but as it is the only one of its kind in the world, that’s maybe not surprising. A white gold Daytona, the Unicorn has a white gold bracelet with a bark finish became the second most expensive Rolex Daytona ever sold at auction.

The “John Player Special” Daytona takes its name from the cigarette brand that used to sponsor the Lotus Formula One cars. Sharing the iconic gold black of Lotus, this rare watch fetched just under a million Swiss Francs.

If you like your Rolex to have a little sparkle, then the ‘Le Hubou Grand-Duc’ could be the watch for you. Made for the French market, the diamonds sapphires that featured so heavily in this Daytona were so carefully placed that they don’t compromise the all-important functionality. With only around 30 ever made, ‘Le Hubou Grand-Duc’ fetched CHF 606,500, -.

Working with Asprey, Rolex made this watch for the Sultan of Oman, The Rolex Daytona Red Sultan brought together the crowns of both Asprey Rolex on the dial, alongside the ‘Khanjar’ logo, printed in red on the dial, which represents the Sultanate of Oman. The Red Sultan fetched CHF 1,212,500,-.

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