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Sep 20, 2021 | Rolex, Watches

When purchasing a Rolex, it can be tempting to be swept away by the genius craftsmanship of the timepiece itself. However, this is Rolex every single part of the purchase is important to the brand, from the on-point marketing that caught your eye to the warranty card that comes with every watch.

When buying a Rolex, you may be intending to buy it for life or it may be part of a Rolex investment plan. Even if you’re buying it to leave it as a legacy to the next generation, it’s important to store the purchase paperwork warranty somewhere safe so that you can pass it all on together.

What Is a Rolex Warranty Card For?

When officially purchased from a new with a registered dealer, your Rolex will come with a box and a warranty card. It’s one of the most basic checks you should do when buying – no warranty card, no purchase.

A Rolex warranty card ensures the watch is a genuine timepiece, but it can also add to the resale value if or when you decide to sell your Rolex.

What Does A Rolex Warranty Card Look Like?

Warranty cards in the US are produced in English; they list the serial number, model number, bracelet reference number, and dial design, while warranty cards outside the US are in French also list the serial number, model number, bracelet reference number, and dial design. The ‘French’ warranty card will also include a country code – called the ‘N client’ – the ‘modele’ category.

Often, warranty cards will include the name of the registered dealer the watch was purchased from and, up until now, it has included a place to record the owner’s name, and address date of purchase. As well as personalising the card, these details also serve as a history of the watch and can add to its value in the future.

While US warranty cards come in a paper folder, the rest of the world version comes in a faux leather card holder – this means that you can tell instantly if the Rolex was bought in America or the rest of the world.

Rolex Warranty Card Box Papers 

Rolex Country Code 061

While the US cards are not coded, cards sold in the rest of the world include a country code. England is code 160. This might add to the value, but the rarest code – 061 – refers to the Rolex Headquarters means that the watch was bought privately directly from Rolex. This could increase the resale value in the future. The full list of country region codes has never been released by Rolex, but lists have been compiled by fans and collectors all over the world.

A New Rolex Warranty Card in 2020

Rolex is in the process of changing its system; from 2020, although some may still be sold with the previous version of the card.

New Rolex Warranty cards will include the model/reference number, the serial number which is unique to the watch the date of purchase, which is completed by the official Rolex retailer at the point of sale. Both the land code and the purchaser’s name are no longer included. Does this raise the value for Rolexes with these included on the warranty card?

Rolex’s New Future-Focused Warranty Cards

Rolex has made some important technological advances with the new warranty cards. Working with Mastercard to get the technology right, the new Rolex card has chips inside it – like a credit card.

These chips need to be activated so Rolex also partnered with Apple, who developed an iPhone that will activate the warranty by sweeping the card across the phone screen. With pre-programmed limited functionality, each official Rolex retailer has a phone to do just this.

Warranting Another Look

If you have a Rolex that you would consider for resale or if you would like to get a loan against your Rolex you can’t quite put your hands on your Rolex warranty card, it is well worth seeking it out. A Rolex warranty card is critical to the valuation process as it tells the story of the watch its history. If you’re looking for pawn shops that buy Rolex watches, then please do call us today. Suttons and Robertsons have a team of experts who can offer you a loan against your luxury Rolex and guarantee a free valuation of your asset.

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