& Heritage

We’ve understood the importance of supplying a superior and
professional service since 1770. This has helped to become one
of the country’s oldest and most prestigious pawnbrokers, offering
reassuringly discreet and precise valuations at our London
and Manchester branches.

There's no substitue for experience

We've built a reputation for providing quality valuations, and take great pride in our experts and their experience.This means we can help you unlock the real cash value of your assets while still respecting your privacy.You'll get a precise up-to-date valuation whetherit’s for Chinese ceramics, Steiff bears, Rolex watches or vintage Bentleys. 85% APR (Fixed) Representative

Over the years, we’ve handled some of Europe's most sophisticated fine jewellery, watches and
accessories pieces. Our JET-trained colleagues
all hold the Professional Jewellers’ Diploma,
giving them the skills and knowledge to
assess and authenticate beautiful jewellery.

We’ve welcomed everything from rare pink, green
and blue gems to Victorian pocket watches and
modern Breguet time pieces.

We’re proud to have provided our clients with over £8m in personal asset loans in 2017.

Expertise in jewellery