The Engagement Ring – The Circle of Love

May 10, 2021 | Jewellery

Convention can be an interesting concept – why do we do the things that we do without really thinking about them? This might be especially true of the engagement ring. Today, a symbol of undying unended love, the engagement ring hasn’t always been so close to our hearts.

Why do we seal the deal with a ring? While we think of an engagement ring as a token of love respect, that’s not really how things started out. Although we can now reclaim the engagement ring in the name of love, it’s fair to say its origins are rooted in pragmatism.

Engagement Ring History – Can I Own You?

Rather than ‘Will You Marry Me?’, engagement rings were first given in the time of Ancient Rome, from the groom to the bride as a symbol of ownership. The woman was given a gold ring to wear for special occasions an iron version to wear at home. The gold version was a marker of the man’s status legal ownership.

Good Intentions – Modern Idea of Engagement Rings

The more modern idea of an engagement ring seems to have sprung from an ecclesiastical debate between Pope Nicholas Boris I of Bulgaria as they worked out the differences between the Roman Catholic the Eastern Orthodox churches. In one letter, Pope Nicholas described how a man would give a ring, usually made from gold, as a sign of his intention to marry the idea stuck.

Ring for Engagement – Diamonds Are Forever

We have the Archduke Maximilian of Austria to thank for making engagement rings the sparklers that they are today, when he proposed to Mary of Burgundy in 1477 with an ‘M’ made from long, slim diamonds. It did take another few centuries for the diamond ring to really catch on; it would appear that the sparkling, gem-laden engagement ring – the symbol of undying love passion from one person to another – is a relatively new concept.

However, it wasn’t until very modern times that diamonds became intrinsically linked with engagement rings – would you believe it – it was all because of an ad campaign. It’s one of those facts that should be fiction, like Coca Cola’s part in dressing Santa in red white, but the diamond engagement ring soared in popularity after British diamond brand, De Beers, devised the ‘A diamond is forever’ tagline.

Buying an Engagement Ring – The Ultimate Modern Romantic Gesture

Today, engagement rings are given as a sign of commitment, of love of respect. They can be exchanged between couples or simply worn by one partner, but an engagement ring is considered to be an occasion in life when you just have to make a statement. Modern tradition suggests that an engagement ring should cost two months’ wages, but there are some rings out there that cost several years’ wages.

Engagement Ring Cost

Very few engagements take place without a ring, these days, it is still considered to be a major spend with it representing – for some – the significant jewellery purchase of their entire lifetime. Engagement rings are often cherished forever, but they can also be a great item if you are seeking to pawn jewellery. At Suttons and Robertsons, you can get same day payment release equity from your diamond collection.

We appreciate that any engagement ring is a symbol of love romance our pawnbrokerage service offers competitive rates that reflect the value of your jewellery. We also know that getting access to funds quickly can be important. That’s why we offer free valuation of your luxury asset can even get you much needed funds today.

Love can be expressed in many different ways transforming a sparkler into jewellery cash on the spot might be just what you need right now. We’re here to help you – simply call us for our best rates.

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