Who Are Boodles Jewellery?

Dec 10, 2020 | Jewellery

Founded in 1798 with their first store in Liverpool, Boodles now will forever remain inextricably linked to the values of fine design, and family innovation. Unlike some other companies who have watered down their brands in search of reach, Boodles has remained family-owned with a focus on design. If you own Boodles jewellery and you are looking to sell, we can help. Alternatively, if you are looking for pre-owned Boodles jewellery, you can shop our collection online.

Early years at Boodles

Like many jewellery stores at the time, Boodles was also a silversmith watchmaker. They sold to officers in the Armed Forces had many other lines of goods. They have had a long-running partnership with the watch brand, Patek Philippe.

Liverpool had become one of the wealthiest cities in the world thanks to its place at the heart of the British trading empire. Exotic goods from around the globe passed through the city an affluent merchant class emerged. William Wainwright saw a business opportunity took over Kirk & Co, renaming it ‘Wainwright’.

Wainwright Family

Having been steered by six generations of the family. Henry (1879) joined the business as an apprentice worked in the shop until he retired passed the business to his two sons. Harold Herbert bought the Boodles business from the executors.

It was purchased from the executors of Mr Boodle Mr Dunthorne who died, leaving a rather dilapidated but beautifully appointed well-stocked jewellers who specialised in rare objects, art, silver, jewellery, antiques, special timepieces gold pocket watches.

Boodles Dunthorne

The business was turned from one store with good stock into a global icon. It was achieved by a sharp focus entrepreneurial flair. Every generation, a new member of the family would run the business well achieve a level of expansion. This was achieved by a diamond focus on design, customer service good management.

The second shop opened in 1965 then the third in 1980. The company’s first London shop opened in 1987 which was a crucial stepping stone towards global recognition expansion.

Boodles Bond Street Store

Fulfilling a long-held dream, the newly branded business, “Boodles” opened its new flagship store on New Bond Street. This signalled a new era in the Boodle business it was the beginning of two decades of design partnerships flagship collections.

2008: The Wonderland Collection

The first Boodles Wonderland Collection launches at the Haymarket Hotel in London.

2010: The Raindance Ring

Boodles are invited to display the Raindance Ring in the permanent jewellery exhibition of the V&A Museum in London.

2014:  Greenfire

On Sunday 23rd March 2014 at 9pm, the exclusive world of Boodles was unveiled for all to see in a Channel 4 ‘Behind the Scenes’ documentary from the award-winning producers of ‘Inside Claridges’ ‘Inside Rolls Royce’. ‘The Million Pound Necklace: Inside Boodles’ follows the creation of an exquisite Emerald Greenfire suite from loose stones to design, creation launch.

2015: Royal ballet

Boodles collaborates with The Royal Ballet to produce ‘Pas de Deux’, a collection of high-end jewellery inspired by the movement shapes that are formed by two dancers working in partnership.

2017: The Poetry of Landscape

Boodles reveals ‘The Poetry of Landscape’, a collection of exceptional jewellery inspired by aspects of Britain’s natural landscape, climatic conditions seasonal change.

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