Emma Raducanu Sparkles with Tiffany

Sep 14, 2021 | Jewellery, Tiffany

Emma Raducanu set Arthur Ashe Stadium alight with her historic US Open win on Saturday 11 September 2021, but Emma’s win is just the start for her. As well as a million-dollar plus pay check, Emma will have to work her way through a long queue of brands who want to work with her. It seems, however, jewellery brand, Tiffany Co, got there first.

While the crowd the television-watching millions gasped at many of the shots that both Emma Layleh Fernandez fired over the net at each other, it was hard to miss Emma’s added sparkle. That sparkle is totally down to Tiffany.

Tiffany Jewellery Worn By Emma Raducanu at the US Open Final

What makes Emma Raducanu so enchanting lies in her ability to demonstrate absolute nerves of steel while wearing the sort of Tiffany jewellery that most 18-year-old girls could only dream of. With reports of a deal signed with Tiffany Co, Emma certainly hit the ground running with her appearance in the final. With a value that totalled over £25k, Emma was dazzling.

Sporting £4,500 Tiffany Victoria pearl diamonds earrings, a white gold ring from the Tiffany T1 collection, valued at £3,275, a £2,750 cross pendant a £17,100 Tiffany T1 diamond hinged bangle that danced on her arm just below her wristband, Emma would appear to be a brand ambassador that Tiffany could be proud of.

The British tennis player, from Bromley in Kent, is the first British woman to win a grand slam in almost 45 years, but she is the first player ever to progress to the final of the US Open as a player who came from the qualifying rounds.

Miss Raducanu then swapped her pearl diamond earrings for a £2,925 gold pair from the Tiffany City Hardwear collection for a press conference photo opportunity that flashed around the globe.

Keeping Tiffany Relevant

Tiffany Co work hard to stay current in today’s popular culture it would seem that they have succeeded with this superlative strategic partnership -yet to be confirmed by the brand.

The Tiffany brand is so deeply connected with the 1960s that it could be tempting to overlook their modern credentials, however their edgy collection – Tiffany City Hardwear – does ensure that the brand is bang up to date. Inspired by New York City, City Hardwear focuses on the idea of balance tension with smooth lines industrial shapes.

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