Spotting Fake Tiffany Jewellery – Know the Signs

Sep 7, 2023 | Jewellery, Tiffany

Established in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young, Tiffany & Co began as a stationery and fancy goods emporium. Rather than the diamond jewellery that Tiffany is now so well known for, the brand sold from both its New York store and through the ‘Blue Book’, its first mail order catalogue and supplied the Union Army with swords, flags and surgical implements.

By the 1870s, the T&Co that we recognise today was in operation, and the brand has settled into its place as one of the finest jewellery brands globally. What is it, however, that sets Tiffany jewellery apart from fake Tiffany and – more importantly – how can you discern real and authentic Tiffany jewellery from a Tiffany and Co dupe?

How To Tell If Tiffany Jewellery Is Real?  

With such an emphasis on craftsmanship, it’s little wonder that the answer to ‘how can you tell if a Tiffany necklace is real’ lies in the detail of the piece. One of the best ways to tell fake Tiffany vs real is to inspect the links. Tiffany links are soldered, continuous links with no ‘join’ line in the link. True of linked Tiffany bracelets too, Tiffany soldering is so expert that the link looks to be seamless. A fake chain will show linking marks.

tiffany links-authentic

Authentic Tiffany & Co. Links

Authenticity Stamp

From a Tiffany heart ring or Tiffany blue ring to a Tiffany pendant, every piece of Tiffany jewellery has a stamp of authenticity that sits alongside the metal purity mark. A Tiffany & Co fake may not have the stamp. If you’re concerned that you have a pair of fake Tiffany earrings or are wondering if your Tiffany bracelet is genuine, check the stamp. If the piece does have the stamp, ensure that it is perfectly engraved and aligned. Perfectly centred, an authentic stamp will be sharp and clear to read. If the stamp you can see is blurry or hard to read, it’s likely that you’re looking at a Tiffany and Co fake.

Jewellery at Tiffany’s has another clue – the Tiffany ‘PLEASE RETURN TO’ stamp helps you to decide if you’re looking at a fake Tiffany and Co necklace or a real one. Many fake Tiffany producers fail to pay attention to the quality of the engraving and run the words together without proper spacing between the words, creating a ‘PLEASE RETURN TO’ stamp instead.

Authentic Tiffany Ring 950 Purity and Stamp

Authentic Tiffany & Co Platinum Ring Stamp

Purity Stamp

One of the key ways to tell if a Tiffany necklace or bracelet is real is another stamp – the purity stamp. Tiffany always stamps its pieces with the purity mark that indicates purity in clear and full characters – ‘Sterling’ or the ‘925’ purity mark for silver. 18K gold will be stamped with ‘750’ and platinum with ‘950’. While it is not guaranteed authenticity, a clear purity stamp is a good indication of a genuine Tiffany piece as Tiffany always uses real precious metals in their creations. When working out how to spot fake Tiffany earrings, you should inspect the stem of the earring for the mark. Querying are Tiffany necklaces real silver; the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ – the brand only uses genuine and authenticated precious metals and gemstones in their work. It’s the same answer for jewellery lovers asking if Tiffany pearls are real.

Common Features of Fake Tiffany Pieces

When trying to understand if you’re looking at a fake Tiffany necklace, bracelet or bangle, paying attention to every detail is critical. Once you’ve checked for the presence of the stamps or purity marks, it’s time to dive deeper to spot some of the things that mark Tiffany out as counterfeit. As well as spacing and quality of engraving, you can spot a Tiffany and Co fake by the case of the letters.

When checking if a Tiffany and Co bracelet is real or fake, check the brand name. Tiffany uses the terms ‘Tiffany & Co’ with a capital T and a capital C. This is especially true of more modern pieces. Vintage Tiffany items are more likely to bear ‘TIFFANY & CO.’ or ‘TIFFANY 18K’.

Tiffany Silver

Is Tiffany and Co real silver? Yes – and you can feel from the weight of genuine Tiffany jewellery that you are holding sterling silver. A fake Tiffany and Co necklace will feel lighter and less substantial in your hand. It should feel pleasingly heavy around your wrist. ‘How can I tell if my Tiffany bracelet is real’ can be answered, in part, by the feeling of it around your neck. Light and delicate will most likely indicate a fake.

Tiffany Blue

The clues to how to spot fake Tiffany extend beyond the pieces to the exquisite Tiffany wrappings. When deciding if Tiffany and Co packaging is real vs fake, take a very close look at the Tiffany Blue on the boxing. Trademarking their signature blue in 1998, Tiffany worked with colour specialists Pantone to name their blue ‘1837 Blue’. Iconic and unmistakable, the packaging – alongside the Tiffany logo – will help you to spot a fake.

Where to Buy: Trusted Sources vs. Risky Options

When seeking a trusted and reliable world-famous jewellery brand, it’s reasonably straightforward to find a bona fide Tiffany retailer. It’s even easier to find opportunities to buy fake Tiffany and Co. But how do you know if a Tiffany bracelet is real? And if you’re investing in a ring, necklace or earrings, you’ll want to check if the Tiffany diamonds are real.

Jewellery Experts

An auction house, like Sotheby’s, or a respected and experienced jewellery, such as Suttons and Robertsons, will have experts on hand to decide if a Tiffany and Co bracelet is real or fake. Knowing how to spot a fake Tiffany ring is second nature to jewellery experts, and they will authenticate every piece before preparing it for sale.

Our experts check both a piece’s provenance and history, checking that the sizing of the piece matches the Tiffany standard sizing. Our experts will also review and authenticate paperwork and certification to weed out a fake.

Tiffany Online?

Would you know how to spot a fake Tiffany and Co bracelet on an online site? Without having the piece in your hand, it can be hard to check the engraving and the weight. Tiffany is a highly sought after brand, with the film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and brand ambassadors like Emma Raducanu, Beyonce and Lady Gaga, only serving to increase demand. This allows scammers to be very creative when trying to pass off a fake Tiffany bracelet as the real thing. How can you tell if a Tiffany bracelet is real from a small digital picture? What if the seller claims that it is a Tiffany second or that they picked it up from the Tiffany outlet? Well, as you might imagine, Tiffany doesn’t do seconds or outlets. Chances are the Tiffany and Co necklace up for grabs is fake.

How to release the value in your Tiffany investment

If you have invested in Tiffany jewellery and would like to release its value, then we’re happy to offer a valuation. As an expert in Tiffany jewellery, our valuations for sale or loan against Tiffany will reflect the genuine elements of Tiffany jewellery that we’ve explored above.

For jewellery lovers who can’t be totally sure how to tell real Tiffany jewellery from fake, our experts will take you through the process of authentication so that you can rely on any purchase from Suttons and Robertsons, from a Tiffany solitaire diamond engagement ring to a Tiffany Else Peretti bracelet. Browse our pre-owned Tiffany collection.

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